Thursday, 16 April 2015

BYOD: Making it Mobile 2015 Developing Digital

Big thanks to @learningnz who hosted the #BYOD2015 : Making it Mobile! conference today. 
Below is my presentation on Developing Digital Citizenship, with links to learning examples and tools which we use regularly. 

This presentation was designed around setting up learning in a digital learning environment where children are new to digital learning and tools. 

It was a stark contrast at the beginning of 2015 where majority of my class were completely new to digital learning, netbooks and in many cases the internet. 

Throughout 2014, I taught years 7 & 8, where most of my learners were in their 4th year of digital learning environment and in many ways knew more than I did, or at least thought they did. 

This year has allowed me to set up the classroom in a way that will teach the children to eventually interact the way that I want them to by the time they are in year 8. 

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