Monday, 3 August 2015


Storyboarding your film festival film.

Last week I ran this toolkit on storyboarding to help other teachers in my cluster get started on their film making journey.  

So, you have an idea of what you want your film to be, but want help to plan what scenes to shoot, scripting, learn about camera angles and making your film look good on the big screen. 
Here are tips you can share with learners to empower them in the movie making process.
I really do hope you find the following links, tips and examples helpful in planning your class film.

Here is a basic storyboarding template I created to guide the planning process. In each box sketch the scene, where, who, angle, props etc.

Feel free to share it with your tamariki if you like. 

You'll also need these camera angles​ to get them thinking about the planning process. What and how to actually film what they want to film.

A great warm up activity is to watch some of ​2014 film festival's films and in groups get tamariki to discuss what camera angles were used, what was effective, and what was not so effective.

The following links are an index to my previous blogposts with tips for different types of filming and animation.


For stop-motion set up a tripod and get snapping. Import to iMovie, remove the 'ken burns' on images, change the time to .5 of a second (or less), add music, voiceovers and hey presto.

​Thanks, and comment below if you have any questions.


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