Friday, 8 March 2019

DFI 2 Workflow

One of the components of the DFI was that participants submit a reflective blogpost at the end of each session, documenting what they have learned. This acts as a journal for them to go back to, and a tool to support others. Being one that likes to practice what I preach, I also have been submitting a blogpost each week. However I was away one of the weeks, and never did the blog for Week 2: Workflow. As one of the Manaiakalani principles is ubiquitous rewindable learning, I am able to access the learning and catch up on what I missed for the day.

So DFI day two, I recapped the Learn part of the Manaiakalani Learn Create Share Pedagogy. The learn component is at the heart of it all. How can we amplify and turbocharge learning opportunities using the SAMR model and visible, ubiquitous, multimodal learning opportunities.
The day also looked at Gmail, GoogleKeep and Calendar. Google Keep is one of my greatest apps for my personal and work life. I'm a huge list maker and the fact that I can share a list with someone in realtime and we can both add and check off items is great for improving efficiencies. More so being able to have multiple calendars overlapped is great. Creating calendar invites and hangouts. And organising my multiple gmail accounts with labels to find information quickly.

Using the google suite efficiently will most definitely optimise workflow in home and work life to save precious time.

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