Monday, 14 October 2013

Planning for Practicum

Excited and enthusiastic as I am about Pract 3 - I must admit the challenge of planning for students that I do not yet know is a real challenge. Is this activity going to be too hard, too easy? Does it fit their interests? What resources do I have available? So many questions.... And so many ideas which I think will be awesome learning experiences. 
My job over the next three days - get to know as much about my students as I possibly can, so that I can plan, sequence and differentiate my learning experiences to suit the learners in my care. 
Thankfully the foci this term include several things that I personally am really interested in. Particularly persuasive writing, where I hope to introduce debating and have the students creating advertising campaigns for their upcoming gala day. So many ideas, but such a limited time frame, therefore selecting the most interesting, and productive to their learning is important. Challenge accepted. 

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