Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Film Editing 101

In the past weeks we have been learning to storyboard, shoot, and edit films. 

Some of the key tips I learned were:

  • Never cross the line, when filming two characters talking. Instead film from the same side, but different angles. 
  • Use a variety of shots. They all have a variety of effects. 
  • Unless you are trying to make it cheesy, or it has a specific purpose, avoid the 'fancy' transitions. A simple cut between clips is what most film and tv shows use. 
  • When cutting between scenes, it's often less jarring to do so on a movement (see Breaking News 56 seconds in)
  • Use background music... it really eases any (bad) editing where it jars a little.
To make this into a reality my team of four collaborated to storyboard the storyline. This as it turns out is a really important part, to plan the scenes and shots you want to get for each before you even begin filming. 
Our team then spent 1hr filming, before individually editing in iMovie to make our own movies. This is my edit... enjoy

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