Thursday, 22 January 2015

What is a Community of Practice?

What is a Community of practice?
Well the matter of fact is,
Not every community is one that is of a practice

Your neighbourhood community may be full of mystics
but that won’t fit this terms 3 characteristics,
Domain is the first, and no not the auckland park
but your subject field, your interest, your spark.

The people with which you collaborate
engage with, and help each other elaborate
this is your community, real-time, face to face,
or perhaps a little later up in cyberspace

Problem solve, share, are the ideas of the domain
to implement, enhance, and help you to stay sane
allow you in your practice, to gather a real stance
you must be practitioners trying to advance

Now you know the characteristics of this term
I hope this rap may have helped you to learn

- Matt & Stef

Today our challenge was to create a rap to explain a learning theory. 
+Matt Goodwin and I wrote this rap within our own Community of Practice.

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