Sunday, 24 May 2015

9 reasons to use Connected+ digital resouces

As a teacher in a digital learning environment, I also need digital resources. 
By having resources available online it means that my learners can access the material anywhere anytime not just in the traditional 9 - 3pm class time. 

Listen to +Fiona Grant+Juanita Garden and I talk about the Connected + digital series which are available free through the TKI: Literacy Online site. 

The main things I love about Connected+ are as follows 
  1. Accessibility - Embed presentation in blogs or sites, learners can re-read any where any time
  2. Audio versions included - great for our ESL and below standard readers to access content for their curriculum level
  3. Includes video's to give further information on related topics 
  4. Includes interactive diagrams 
  5. Includes links to further learning - children's or teacher's independent research 
  6. All text images and digital content downloadable - free educational re-use with attribution (Creative Commons licence)  
  7. Available in PDF 
  8. Teacher Support Material [TSM] available in word format - edit direct into your planning. 
  9. Curriculum approved - relevant and multi-modal learning opportunities 

This blogpost relates to RTC 1.i; 4.ii; 5.i; 6.ii

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