Monday, 7 December 2015

Coding to Learn...

... or should I say learning to code? 
Today my class and I had the opportunity to learn some coding skills, while practicing coding, as part of Computer Science Education Week. 

from OMG Tech arrived to set-up and assist us in our coding journey. has some simple coding modules which anyone can learn. They get progressively harder, beginning with simple instructions, before requiring learners to understand the loop process and "if.." statements in coding.
The modules are based on three themes targeted to engage children (or other enthusiasts). Module themes include Minecraft; StarWars and the popular Disney theme Frozen

What's brilliant is that no experience is needed, and the teacher modules are just as accessible. I know what my summer PD is going to be, when I'm not at the beach that is! 

Learn more about Computer Science Education Week here. Awareness of computer coding is a brilliant skill in terms of problem solving, logic, mathematics and analytics. More so, just to appreciate the 'behind the scenes' required to make some of our favourite things work. 

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