Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Changing Spaces & Developing Learner Agency

Last week my school, Stonefields School, had the pleasure of hosting the first Changing Spaces conference in partnership with CORE Education. The day was a great success with nearly 300 delegates attending. 

It was an honour to participate in the event and alongside Kirsty Panapa (Associate Principal) and Amy Shields (Year 7/8 Teacher),  I presented on the topic of Student Agency.

Below you'll see our presentation where we first define student agency, then consider how different factors can affect it. Half way through the workshop, we broke off into three mini workshops where we each followed our strengths. You'll find my section on the digital space on slides 45 - 49. 

We discussed learning design and benefits of digital space before having some 'sandpit' time to explore free online digital learning tools. After this we followed the delegates interests where I was able to share my expertise in setting up and managing a class of individual blogs, and data management strategies. 
Overall it was a fantastic experience, we had a full house with over 80 delegates attending our workshop. 

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