Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Future Oriented and Ongoing Connected Learning

This week at our Professional Learning Group [PLG] we talked about how we collaborate and share with our colleagues and the wider learning community. 

One of the principles of future oriented learning is for educational leaders and teachers to engage in continuous and ongoing learning. Therefore sharing practice, and being willing to critique and be critiqued in our own practice. To push the boundaries, constantly reflecting and learning, always looking to enhance our practice and embrace learning opportunities.

The Manaiakalani way is to follow the learn create share model, and today we as educators did just that. We learned how to use various screencasting tools. Created a screencast of how we use digital tools in our digital learning environments, then shared those with one another and our various networks. 

Although the screencast I made today was a basic example of how our students learn, create and share; I really enjoyed making this DLO, not only for the share factor, but as a way for me to reflect on my teaching, learning and future practice. 

If you too have some learning to share, you can make a screencast using your QuickTime Player.  File -> New Screen Recording. 
Make sure that you have turned on Built-in Microphone. 

Then Record away. As you move through the screens, talk to what you are looking at, or what you want the viewer to look at. You can work through your computer normally while recording. 
I recommend having all of the tabs you want to use open and ready in the browser before commencing, as nobody wants to watch a video of pages loading. 

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