Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The power of photoshop

We've all seen photoshop images and movies showing the drastic 'improvements' that media can make to photo's to make people fit the proposed beauty ideals to sell products or persuade.
However as digital immigrants we better (hopefully) at seeing through media images and not taking things at face value - no pun intended. 

Students on the other hand, are so accustomed to seeing made-up media that it's easy for them to take it for truth, showing examples such as the above are one thing, but the best way to really teach media awareness is to have students do this to themselves. 
Today I practiced using the multitude of free tools available to do this, should you not want to pay for the full photoshop version. Pixlr and PicMonkey are just some of the options available. As well as iphoto editing tools. I look forward to practicing these skills with my students and helping them to see media images as what they really are, glossed up sugar coated images. 

Moreover, the careers that are possible with skills and knowledge of photoshop, are increasing. This movie editing picture shared by Karen Ferguson is a prime example. 

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