Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Learning to Animate

This is an animation that I made in Google Presentation. As the students in my class know I am mildly obsessed with Pukeko's - hence choosing them for my character in this animation is not surprising. 
All up it is made of 79 slides. 
I used Keynote's 'instant alpha' to remove the white background from the pukeko image, then copy it into the slide show. 
I copied and shrunk/enlarged/cropped the pukeko to make the different characters, and each slide was made by copying the last, then adjusting the movements of each character, before copying it again for the next slide. 
Finally I published the presentation to web, then changed the html to adjust the time between slides to 200 down from 1000 or 3000. 
I must admit, I enjoyed making this a lot more than I expected. 


  1. Great work Stef. I really enjoyed the tips for changing the different character sizes, etc. I will have to explore this for myself.

    1. Thanks Treena! In this circumstance it was really easy and effective. Not sure if it will work on all character types.

  2. Too cute Steph. I like the NZ focus with the lovely beach and pukeko family :)