Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Building relationships with ākonga

This blogpost relates to Registered Teaching Criteria 1. 
1. establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of ākonga
i. engage in ethical, respectful, positive and collaborative professional relationships with:
  • ākonga
  • teaching colleagues, support staff and other professionals
  • whānau and other carers of ākonga
  • agencies, groups and individuals in the community

I was absolutely chuffed to see this blogpost over the holidays from one of my year 8 students. 

This particular student has consistently throughout the year told herself and others that she is dumb. It breaks my heart to hear this, and I have had several discussions with her about this in attempt to build her confidence and self-efficacy. 

I explain to her that she isn't dumb because she is aware that there are things which she doesn't understand, yet. It is this understanding that will keep her inquisitive and striving to learn more. I've also been reading about how it is important to praise learners for their efforts, rather than ability. Therefore I am always encouraging her for her hard work, and focusing on the things she has done well, and how she worked hard to achieve it. This blogpost tells me that she realises this hard work is paying off and planning to keep working hard to achieve. I am so proud of her and feeling that the relationships I am building with my learners are advantageous. 

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