Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bling your Google site - adding buttons and background images

Thank you to all the attendees at todays Manaiakalani Toolkit on Blinging your site. 

We went through a step by step guide of how to update your site background/wrapper image and how to create functional buttons. 

If you missed it or need a recap, please enjoy my powerpoint presentation with step by step instructions. 

I recommend naming your Google Draws as the size and button template eg. 4cm x 4cm button template. After you download each button/image as PNG, you can adapt and edit it suit your next button. This way they end up the same size and looking swish. 

It was a pleasure to share some of my learning with others today, I look forward to learning from others in the Manaiakalani community at the next toolkit. 

Hei konā mai, ngā mihi. 


This blogpost relates to me meeting the registered teaching criterion 4 & 5. 

4. demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice

ii. participate responsively in professional learning opportunities within the learning community
iii. initiate learning opportunities to advance personal professional knowledge and skills
5. show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning
i. actively contribute to the professional learning community
ii. undertake areas of responsibility effectively 

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing with your colleagues in this way Stef. A most valuable Toolkit that is helpful to all our teachers.